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Goat Trucking - Trucking Company located in Woodrigde (Illionois). We are "Greatest of all truckers" . If you need get your freight from A to B without the hassle, safe and on time than the only name you need to know is Goat Trucking. For a quote or other info call us: (773) 242-6181

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"Greatest of All Truckers"

Goat Trucking, Inc. is a 48 state flatbed specialized common and contract carrier.
We are licensed by federal and state for intrastate and interstate hauling.

Our Story

Our goal is to exceed your expectations – assuring flatbed trucking services that are always on time, trouble free for you, your company or your customers. The most important thing for us is to build trust between our company and our flatbed carrier customers and maintain their confidence and loyalty. We do that by providing timely, professional services while keeping our customers informed about the status of the shipment they have trusted us with.


We offer transportation solutions for a broad variety of commodities, including but not limited to: metal plates, sheets, rolls, coils, pipes, heavy machinery, building products, lumber, automotive parts, agricultural machines and supplies etc. No matter what the load is you can trust us to take care of your shipping needs.

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We are proud to say there is a long list of sutisfied customers behind our operation over the years. Our mission is to make that list longer and keep the reputation we earned so far.


Our drivers are well trained, experienced and fully understand the heavy haul trucking business and we're keeping safety as a top priority. Every our driver is required to carry full safety equipment with them (hard hat, glasses, safety vest...)


For quotes, questions or any concernes please feel free to contact us any time. Our dispachers will be at your disposal for any information needed.